Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Episode 31: 1K Zombies

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Zombie Shout-outs:
Melissa aka MSkiKnits has a new podcast about her journey as a single-handed knitter.  Check her out at:
Lois aka knittingsmybag thanks for being an act of kindness accomplice (AKA?).  You are ALL kinds of awesome.  Check her out at:
Thanks for the Target puppies famous Kristi aka kristinaknits

Zombie Odds and Ends:

May/June 2012 is 2 Balls KAL: any size, any color, one bigger than the other, different colors
1000 Zombie Prize-a-palooza -2 ravelry pattern download giveaways drawn, threads for 1 t-shirt (S-2XL), and Knittingmybag custom zombie bag

The HO bags are coming!  We are working out the details with Shannon aka weesparrow

Megan Finished Objects:
MadMay Fitted Pullover

Megan WIP:
Camp Loopy Cara Cara

Megan Next Up:

Megan Acquisitions & Enabling:
Fibernymph green gradient heavenly
Fibernymph storm warning gradient sunshine 800yds
Knittingsmybag Baconfairy zippered pouches

Amy Finished Objects:
Georgia on my mind socks
Back to School U-vest

Olive this sweater
Hex socks
Secret swap knitting

Amy Acquisitions & Enabling:

Thanks for joining us on our knitting adventures!