Friday, December 28, 2012

Episode 60: Zombies are COOL Now

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KALs are wrapping up:
Crazy Zombie Squirrel KAL in Nov/Dec 2012
For Good Hat  
$2000 in sales donated!!
THANKS to all who bought, gifted, and or are knitting the pattern
Make sure to join in the KAL til 12/31/2012 for LOADS of wonderful PRIZES

Baby It's Cold Outside KAL prizeElizabeth Quintan bags and she has a 15% coupon code 'Zombie2013' until 1/31/2013

Announcement: Amy and Megan have new designs for Knittingsmybag BAM (Bags and More) designs for February 2013 - stay tuned!

Retreat news:
Stockinette Zombies LLC has been formed and the hotel contract has been signed
Hotel reservation details here:
Vendor contracts and excursion, goodie bags, and t-shirt announcements are next up!

Coupon codes:
Confetti the zombie cat promotion with the code 'SandyHook'
Partying it UP and Getting DOWN socks promotion with code 'stripyNewYear'
Kitchen Counter Crafter  20% off with code 'Zombie20'
Elizabeth Quintan bags 15% coupon code 'Zombie2013' until 1/31/2013

Megan FO:

Megan WIPs:
Brigids sock by the incomparable Amy Beth
Icelandic Snowbird

Megan NEXT UP:
Heidi Kirrmaier Nanook with Bamboo Ewe

Megan Acquisitions & Enabling:
Elizabeth Quintan large bag review and THANKS!

Amy Finished Objects:

Vintage Stash Busting aka sweater of DOOM

Pile of shame planning

Amy Acquisitions & Enabling:
Christmas gifts: Namaste bags and Into the Whirled club fiber

Thanks for joining us on our knitting adventures!


  1. Hi! I just discovered you girls and have been 'lurking' for a few episodes. I have a burning question! Who do you say goodbye to at the end of each of your episodes? Is it "Ufda"? What does it mean?

    1. Hello Ana! Thanks for watching and for the question. OOFTA is a Minnesotan Norwegian thing. We love how people say goodbye in their dialects (i.e. bye yall) and wanted to something similar. Here is a brief explanation of the word oofta:

  2. Thank you! I love our country! Ana