Thursday, January 2, 2014

Episode 111: Mount Knitmore

Administrati - 
New Year New KAL for Knitting Resolutions
Continuing the Self-Striping Year Long KAL

FO - 12:30
Amy FO:
Extra yarn socks
Measure In Love
More Seamless Salomas Slippers
Woven Square

Megan FOs: 
Another Drizzle

WIPs - 20:00
Hunting Vest
Measure In Love Cowl
Quivit Strange Loop
Breaking Hearts Socks
Month of Squares - loom woven and Vivid squares

Megan WIPs: 
Little Stitches Hoodie

Enabling - 39:00
Wonderful socks and shirts!  Thanks Deb and Michelle!

Self-Striping KAL December Drawing and All Stars announcement and Grand Prize drawing

Zombie Knitpocalypse 2014:
2014 is coming! Email went out about rooms and roommates, which we hope to have set by Jan 31, 2014.