Thursday, January 16, 2014

Episode 113: Tshirts & Tech Talk

Megan and Amy announce Stockinette Zombies Tshirts are available for pre-order and that technology changes are coming to the podcast. Oh and there is knitting too!

Administrati - 
Adorable Stockinette Zombies shirts are available at ACME t-shirts
      Vneck come in blue, pink, and grey for $15.50 + shipping
      Crew necks come in blue, pink, and grey for $10 + shipping
      Pre-orders are through Feb 1, 2014 and they will ship by March 1, 2014.

BLIP is removing iTunes feeds to our show and we are investigating option to continue to be able to offer that functionality.

FO - 15:30
Amy FO:
Woven Squares
Vivid squares

Megan FOs: 
HO Brighten Your Day socks

WIPs - 19
Hunting Vest
Measure In Love Cowl
Quivit Strange Loop
StepDad Socks

Megan WIPs: 
Brighten Your Day socks