Thursday, February 27, 2014

Episode 119: Max-alanche

Watch out for falling cats! Megan and Amy have prizes galore, color work pattern reviews, and of course FOs, and WIPs.

Administrati - 
Self-Striping KAL - Feb sponsored by Poste Yarn
  Self-striping fabulousness prizes arrived from: HD Yarns and Kirby Wirby Yarns
March KAL: Stranded Colorwork
  Design Pre-KAL Prizes from: Amanda Bell Hipster Cred Hat     Elegant Economy Geo-Mitt-Rix Aurelie Colas
  KAL Finishers prizes:    The Loopy Ewe - Loopy Cakes   Amanda Bell Hipster Cred Hat Kit
2 Guys Yarn Solar Flair Fibres

FO - 14:40
Myrtle Pullover

Megan FOs: 
Sari not Sorry Antrorse

To the Moon and Back - new design for mirrored cabled socks inspired by Guess How Much I Love You, part of a wonderful collaboration with Little Skein kit with Must Stash Yarns - Available March 16th

Leaves for Mom
Mending convertible gloves

WIPs - 32:30
Qiviut socks
Skyp Rib Socks
Stitch Surfers in Fibernymph Inversibles
Finishing Tailored Scallops

Megan WIPs: 
Measure in Love

Review - 39
Elegant Economy Geo-Mitt-Rix

Amanda Bell Hipster Cred Hat   

Aurelie Colas

Retreat News - 48
Join the KAL, volunteer to teach a break out session
5K and Yarn Crawl sign-ups
Swap sign-ups info
March 1 t-shirt pre-orders at ACME
March 1 bag pre-orders The Silver Shed USA
Roommate pairings have been made and sent out
Next up:
Get Involved email and Confirm hotel room booking with credit card in March