Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Episode 180: Song Injection

Megan and Amy have exciting new projects cast-on, and of course songs to sing! Join us!

Your hosts: Amy is JKnitMa on Ravelry and Megan is JustRunKnit on Ravelry

Administrati - 
July/August Not A Sock Self-Striping KAL #nassssyKAL

Vesper Sock Yarn Giveaway -  what non-sock patterns do you recommend for self-striping?

FOs - 10:10
Amy FOs:

Megan FOs:
Static Zing Hat

WIPs - 12:45
TdF spinning
#nassssyKAL Typhoon
Sock-a-palooza: Expanding Commuknitty  Cable Sock 3 legged race  Friend Socks

Megan WIPs: 
August Hitofude
Smitten/obsessed with Vacillate    Check out the Stunning String Kits

Enabling - 31:10
Spartickes Dyes - ZK Rainbow Mini set
   Chevron cardigan we mentioned but couldn't remember the name: Monomania