Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Episode 21: Good Looking HOs

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Zombie Shout-Outs:
Thanks to Laura (aka LauraMag) for the beautiful yarn and goodies for KAL prize
Thanks to Shannon (aka weesparrow) who is working with us to make some beyond AWESOME shirts
Thanks to Jenn (aka gipunkjenn) of 716knits for working so hard on the Zombie yarn orders. The color will be available indefinitely, but the surprises from us will be limited to what she has left
Thanks to France (aka FranceA) for selling Megan some of the much coveted Fibernymph Froot Loops

Megan Finished Objects:
Skew HO

Megan WIP:
Baltic Larch
other Skew

Megan Next Up:
Driven for Malabrigo March
Zombie with DDD

Megan Acquisitions & Enabling: Megan went new job, celebratory yarn CRAZY
Malabrigo Finito
Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted
Fibernymph Froot Loops

Amy Finished Objects:

Dr Watson Socks

Amy Next Up:
Spinning with borrowed wheel

Amy Acquisitions & Enabling:
Done Roving Yarns from the LYS

Thanks for joining us on our knitting adventures!