Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Episode 30: Small World

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Zombie Shout-outs:
All mixed in: Lynae aka ExecuDiva, Amanda aka Manduh, Mandy aka BaconFairy, Lois aka Knittingsmybag, Kristi aka kristinaknits, Loopy Swap partner, Emily aka oohfancypants, Katie aka katiebell, Carolyn aka cawshirley
Zombie Odds and Ends:
Spread throughout:
May/June 2012 is 2 Balls KAL: any size, any color, one bigger than the other, different colors
Impending 1000 Zombie Prize-a-palooza - JOIN THE GROUP!
VKN Wednesday 5/23 9PMish CST, Google Hangout link will be posted to Plurk and Ravelry forums

Megan Finished Objects:
Color Affection for MadMay KAL with TML

Megan WIP:
MadMay Fitted Pullover

Megan Next Up:
Cara Cara Pullover designed by fellow zombie Amanda aka Manduh for Camp Loopy

Megan Acquisitions & Enabling:
Grinning Gargoyle Roxi in THUNDERsnow colorway
     Lynae aka ExecuDiva's Etsy Shop
Lorna's Laces Sportmate in cermak colorway for Camp Loopy

Amy Finished Objects:

Georgia on my mind socks - test knit
Back to School U-vest

Amy Acquisitions & Enabling:

DIY  PVC Niddy Noddy
Zippered pouches from Kukubee

Thanks for joining us on our knitting adventures!