Thursday, March 28, 2013

Episode 73: When Purchases Attack

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Marigold Jen in March/April

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Rosy Retro 10% off with code 'rosyzombie' valid until June 1, 2013

Finished Objects - 6:30 
Amy FO:
For Good Hat

Megan FO:

Works in Progress - 9:30
MKAL Spoilers 14:20-15:05 and 18:30-12:00

Flying Monkey Socks
Graphic Infection
On Hold Twigs and Willows with Marigold Jen

Megan WIPs:  
Apple Boardwalk with Marigold Jen
Green and Pink Graphic Infection

Acquisitions & Enabling - 28:51
Amy Acquisitions & Enabling:
Web's Order: Hempathy and Road to China Light
Into the Whirled fiber
Highland Handmades fiber and alpaca silk lace
Jennie the Potter mug

Megan Acquisitions & Enabling:
Jennie the Potter mug

Retreat news - 46:30 has all retreat info
Teach a Break-out session sign-ups deadline 3/31
Retreat t-shirts deadline 4/14/2013:
Retreat bag now available: HERE  Use coupon code 'Retreat' to receive free shipping if you will be picking up your bag at the retreat