Thursday, April 18, 2013

Episode 75: Very Punny

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Administrati - 
Self-Striping KAL
Marigold Jen in March/April

New segment: Knit-stalgia 9:30
Amy April 2009
Dragon Skin Wrap

Megan April 2011
Effortless CardiganPlain and Simple Pullover
April 2012
KaleidoscopeCastle Pullover

Finished Objects - 21:25 
Megan FO:
Twitter KAL #pogonalong

Amy FO:

Works in Progress - 25:40
Twigs and Willows with Marigold Jen

Yarn Over is Sat 4/27/2013 If you want to meet up and hang out Fri or Sat - Let us know

Megan WIPs:  
Meris Retreat Wear

Acquisitions & Enabling - 39:40
Megan Acquisitions & Enabling:
AWESOME new shirt from Shannon aka weesparrow
  If you want to order one, email lawrence AT freshacme DOT com about "Wool is HOT"
Great White Bale swag

Amy Acquisitions & Enabling:
1st shipment of 716 Knit Serenity Club

Retreat news - 49:20 has all retreat info
Surprises planning behind the scenes
Sign-up for excursions before May 1st
Schedule of events by May 1st
Please let us know if you need to cancel