Thursday, May 30, 2013

Episode 81: Modest Cookie

Again Megan says the wrong episode number, it is Episode 81 not 82. One of these days she'll get it right.

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Finish That KAL
On-going Year-long Self Striping KAL
Dancing Dog Dyeworks giveaway

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Fable Fibers 10% off with code 'ZOMBIE'
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Finished Objects - 4:00 
Megan FO:
Jenna Krupar's new shawl pattern test knit out of Sun Valley MCS
To join skeins, Megan used this fabulous Tutorial on Magic Knot by Jane Richmond 
HO: Rock Strata Test Knit by Josh Ryks

Amy FO:
Handspun shawl

Works in Progress - 10:30
Folded out of Grinning Gargoyle
Crochet Hobbes
Party Socks
My Honey

Megan WIPs:  
Neon out of DDD
HO: Rock Strata Test Knit by Josh Ryks
May Striping socks out of Twisted Limone

Acquisitions & Enabling - 25:40
Megan Acquisitions & Enabling:
Yarn Vs Zombies World Traveller Club

Amy Acquisitions & Enabling:

Review - 27:30
 Handmade in the UK by Emily Wessel of Tin Can Knits

Retreat news - 40:00 has all retreat info
Schedule of events
Outbreak Events details
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Only 10 Day Passes left that will have surprises included
Please let us know if you need to cancel