Thursday, July 3, 2014

Episode 135: Back to Normal-ish

Megan and Amy give-away tons of prizes, and are sort of back to normal post-retreat.

Administrati - 
June Self Striping Sponsor: Fishknits prize drawn
July Self Striping Sponsor:

Summer Tops KAL prizes drawn
Up, Down, All Around prize drawn

FOs - 12
Megan FOs:
New Lacy Top Design

WIPs - 17:10
Gamut Blairsden
Sommer top
Fishknits socks - Zombies 10
Fishknits Plain socks
Test knit Girl Top

Megan WIPs: 
Lacy Top- Design for E
Fishknits Zombies 10 gradient stripes socks
Yet Another Hitofude #YAH

Chatter - 32
ZK2014 clear totes available $10 including US shipping